Honey? Make your own honey? I'm no bee but you can make a honey substitute from peach skins or extra juice. We canned peaches yesterday and I noticed a lot of extra juice from the process. What I didn't use for the "water" to can the peaches, I used to make peach honey. It's so easy. Boil the juice in a pan and add half its volume of sugar. (Eight cups of juice to four cups of sugar.) Boil the nectar until it becomes thick like honey when cooled on a spoon. Strain it if you like and can it as you would jam or jelly. If you don't have enough juice, you can save those peach peals from blanching the fruit and boil them. The peach flavor will make a great "peach tea" that you can use for the juice. This process works for other fruits such as apples, apricots, nectarines or cherries.