CQ groups
CQ is actually short for Colloquium- which means an open discussion about various topics. It is easily described as a 4-H club for adults. They are a forum for re-aquiring long forgotten skills that our forfathers practiced long before our push-button life. Topics can be nearly anything but examples are:

Gardening, soap making, raising chickens, purifying water, local wild food sources, canning, Ham Radio, Quilting, candle making, and just about any topic your grandmother used to do on a regular basis.

There are now several CQ groups in the South Texas area. If you are interested in forming one or learning of one near you, contact us at: contact@the11hr.com

Ingleside CQ meets every first Tuesday of each month at the Ingleside Garden Center on Mustang Drive, next to the Ingleside Public Pool.

400 Mustang Drive
Ingleside, TX 78362

All are welcome, no fee, no dues, no membership.... just come.