New parents, Jason and Anna Connors, avoid America's social collapse with a group in Big Bend Texas but dwindling resources demand they find better land to grow food. A scouting party finds a community willing to accept them at Hazel Creek, Kansas, but violent survival has left the residents hardened and withdrawn.

Dark secrets torment the town but moving forward requires dealing with a past that none care to mention. Children robbed of their youth and a terrible secret resting under the city park cover wounds left by humanity’s worst while obstructing the hope of unity. Safe for young readers and enjoyed by adults.

Two Worlds Meet, is available through all major book sellers.

Jason and Anna Connors arrive off the coast of Alaska after a reverse sail from Hawaii, to discover the US economy collapsed and adversaries have launched an EMP attack. With communications and electric distribution down, they must learn to live according to a new set of rules.

This book is safe for young readers. It adresses problems without gore, violence, or vulgar subject matter. This book was highly reviewed by my church Sunday School group.

Ask for it at your bookstore or order through Amazon.

11th Hour Preparedness, second edition is available through this site or Amazon or any major book seller.

The 2nd edition expands with new material and is twice the size but since we published it ourselves and went straight to the printer, we can offer it for less than the first edition. $12.50 + s/h and tax in the state of Texas.

Cover design was by and I highly recommend them for any graphics work you may need.