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11th Hour Preparedness - Making Choices While We Can

"The Lord is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble;
and He knoweth them that trust in Him." - Nahum 1:7
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NEWS: 11th Hour Preparedness Second Edition is now released. It's available at all major booksellers and through this site. If you bring your 1st edition copy to any book signing or event that Tyler is present with books, you can get the second edition for $4 off. Since the second edition is selling for $12.50, you will get it for $8.50 + tax in Texas. Hope to see you with your book.

A preparedness lifestyle is a progressive journey that moves a person to depend less on the national institution of supply and creates a more controlled and simple way of life. I have identified four areas of attention: Food, Fuel, First-aid, and Firearms. There are other groupings and certainly some areas that fall outside of these four but the “Four -F's” are a good start.

America holds a fragile grip on its system of infrastructure. Like a 'house of cards,' if one element falls, the rest will tumble. Think about how much of our world is dependent on electricity, yet the system of generation and distribution of that power (called a grid) has become overloaded and in many areas has fallen into disrepair. The grid is showing its age as we experience seasonal 'roving blackouts,' peak usage surcharges, and more frequent equipment failure outages. Electricity runs our bank, grocery store, gas pump, and Internet. Every system of supply and social order is dependent on electricity to hold it all together. What if it failed?

Urban homes keep an average four day food supply on hand. That grows to about ten days for suburban homes and two weeks to a month for more remote rural locations. It's clear that were our national food distribution halted, social order would start to crumble within a week.

There is a reason why preparedness has moved from a fringe following to one of the top ten subjects for books, television series, and business.